15 July 2008

High Hops

I cannot believe how big my hops are. There are little flower bulbs all over, It's looking like I'm going to have a huge harvest if all of those little blossoms turn to cones.

A Tower of Tangle
We're gonna need a bigger boat
Happy little Hoppers

Now, what will I do with all those little beauties? I'm thinking that it would be a shame to use them with a bunch of malt extract. What are the chances of getting my all-grain up in action by the time I get back from Japan in September?


danl77 said...

whatever you decide, I expect a few bottles mailed to Ohio.

Schatzy said...

Send the bottles here. Portland's closer and we appreciate finer beers more than the Columbuses... Columbinians... Colombians... the folks that live in Columbus.

Oh, hello, by the way. I hope things are going well, drop me a line if you're ever in the northwest.